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Can I combine elements of different templates?

We have created a wide range of unique design templates but we can do custom work as well. Please call (718) 554-0968 or email us for a custom design consultation and price quote.

How many pieces of art/clothes should I send?

Appliqué – Please send about 10-20 pieces of clothing laundered and fully intact. It is easier for us to work with full garments so that we may include great details such as buttons, bows and snaps.

Mosaic – For Mosaic pieces, in general, the more complex the template, the greater number of pieces recommended.  If you have more pieces than we need, we will pick the best ones.  If give us too few, we can take different crops depending on the design template selected. If there are certain pieces that you absolutely want included, please tell the photographer and we will create a “must use” folder.

Lockets – Send either fabric, photos, one of each, or we can use fabric from our collection.

Can I get my clothes or art work back?

Appliqué – No, because we will deconstruct them in order to create the piece. We will also bring the scraps to a textile recycling facility or find other environmentally responsible uses for them.

Mosaic – In most cases, we will send a photographer to your home so you won’t have to part with the artwork. If we can’t schedule a photographer, we will ask you to mail the artwork and we will mail it back to you after the shoot (both at our expense).

Do you have recommendations about what kinds of templates work well with different ages?

Appliqué – For appliqué, age is a not a factor.  Just choose the template you like best, and we will make a compelling piece for you.

Mosaic – More abstract designs like bubbles, butterflies or fish work best with young kids’ abstract art. We can turn even the most basic scribbles into something beautiful.  The grids work well to preserve the artwork intact. Square grids will require some cropping while Random grid will maintain the integrity of the complete pieces—proportion and all!

What do I do if I have more than one child and I only want one piece?

That’s no problem.  We can work multiple children’s clothes or artwork into one piece. For instance, in Appliqué, the “Birds” example is made from boy/girl siblings’ clothes. The “Custom” example is made out of three sibling’s clothes and constructed around an “L”: the first initial of their last name. Each child has a section made from his/her clothes with the relevant phrases embroidered onto the clothes. For Mosaic, the 14 x14 grid example is made out of three siblings’ artwork that their mom saved and edited from their collective art-producing years!

How long will it take to get my pieces back?  Can you make a deadline for the winter holidays, an anniversary, or birthday?

For the winter holidays, order by November 18th and we’ll deliver on time  (assuming we can schedule a photo shoot or receive clothes/photographs from you in a timely fashion.)

For regular mosaic orders (not for holiday), it takes us 2-4 weeks from the time the photo shoot is done to finish a piece.  For appliqué pieces, it typically takes us 6-8 weeks from the time we receive clothes to complete, frame, and mail you the piece. Custom pieces (such as cameo, silhouette, or custom) can take longer depending on the complexity.

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